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1) Choose Base Cannabinoid:


2) Choose your Base Cannabinoid MG

1000mg | 2000mg | 3000mg | 4000mg | 5000mg

3) Choose Cannabinoid Content:

Full Spectrum (contains <.3% THC)

Broad Spectrum (contains no THC)

Pet Tincture

4) Choose Terpene Content:

Indica (night time)

Hybrid (mid day time)

Sativa (morning/day time)

5) Add CBD:

*bottles cannot exceed 5,000mg total*

6) Add CBG:

*bottles cannot exceed 5,000mg total*

7) Add CBN:

*bottles cannot exceed 5,000mg total*

8) How many bottles?

9) Add different bottles to your order using

the 1-8 order template.

10) Would you like to purchase MG Royalty apparel?


11) Enter your information


12) Click Submit and an invoice will be

sent to your email within 24 hours.

Your order should arrive within 5 business days.

Use the contact page for questions & inquiries.


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49024, United States

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