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A Huge Thank You

Happy almost spring! We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of those who support our small business. Michigan has been on lockdown and it has locked down more than closing times. It has taken a toll on our coping mechanisms, our friendships, family, businesses, and more. It doesn't help that we had to experience this pandemic during a winter full of snow and air that hurts our face!

It's only then when snot icicles are hanging from our noses, do we appreciate the small moments that the pandemic has stolen from us. The small chances to go out for dinner with our friends, or the small visits from our family members. For some reason, our brains have never felt more creative than time being cooped up in the house. We are picking up hobbies we have never thought of, and trying new things. Although the pandemic has brought us down in some ways, it's always good to keep your chin up and look at the bright side of things! That's when good things start coming into our lives when our attitudes and the way we view the world change. Keep smiling, keep passing on good vibes to strangers and neighbors because you never could be the only good thing that happened to them that day! And if you can remember a time when one small gesture from a friend or stranger turned your day around, maybe you'll be able to pass that along and create a contagious thread of happiness.

While we continue to work on bringing you a new site, we wanted to say thank you! Create a login today and become a member. Start collecting awesome rewards, alerts for coupons, and more. Get involved with our weekly blog posts and stay tuned for some MG Royalty fun.

Stay safe everybody, and we couldn't thank you enough for bearing with us in these times of not being able to order from our site...but we promise- we will be back soon!

-MG Royalty

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